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White Tabular Alumina Manufacture

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: sicheng abrasives
Model: 0-0.5mm 1-3mm 3-5mm
Price: CNY 4500 / ton
Min. Order: 1 ton
tabular alumina
sintered alumina
Sicheng tabular alumina is made of Al2O3, after ingredients, grinding and forming, smelting in high temperature furnace turned to ╬▒- Al2O3.
Production feature:
Tabular alumina has good heat resistance and good bulk temperature thermal shock capabilities. The crystal staggered plate shape, to increasing the mechanical strength of the particles; interior structure full of closed pores, high bulk density, low apparent porosity and water absorption, to reducing the amount of fluid re-use productions; With good physical properties like: high refractoriness, excellent thermal shock resistance, low shrinkage and good thermal load strength etc. Meanwhile, high-purity avoiding damage to machines. Sicheng is your best choose as refractory material/ceramic material and insulating materials.
Sicheng tabular alumina is an ideal refractory material, either can be used in various refractory alumina, or can be add in other unshaped refractories
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