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White Fused Alumina Powder

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: sicheng abrasives
Model: W63-W5
Price: CNY 10000 / ton
Min. Order: 1 ton
white fused alumina
WFA powder
abrasives stone
White Fused Alumina is an artificial abrasive manufactured from pure grade Alumina Oxide. The Alumina Oxide being melted in Electric Arc Furnaces to a temperature in excess of 2000 degrees centigrade. After the required temperature has been reached, the fused mass is allowed to cool and broken down and graded into the sizes of white Fused Alumina required.

White Corundum is produced by fusing of clean Al2O3 in induction furnace. After cooled, White Corundum is treated and sorted whereby high grade raw material for a production of White Corundum grains .

- production of white even color grinding tools and instruments with ceramic, resinous, magnetite, shellac and rubber binder
- production of refractory blocks, bricks, cements, ceramic pouches, catalyzers and compating mixtures
- dishing up in free form, drum, vibrating - removal of fraises
- special blasting of different materials and products
- production of filters and diffusion nozzles
- grinding and lapping of materials with free grains
- production of electro isolating component parts
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