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Good Quality Silicon Carbide Abrasives

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: sicheng abrasives
Model: 8#-3000#
Price: CNY 5000 / ton
Min. Order: 1 ton
silicon carbide
SIC powder
good quality silicon carbide
Silicon carbide
This product, chemical formula of which is SiC, is obtained from the synthesis of high purity quarts sand and petroleum coke as basic raw materials under high temperature in an electric resistance furnace. It contains 85-99% of SiC and the admixtures of Fe2O3, Al2O3, CaO, SiO2, MnO2.
It is characterized by great hardness (9,2 in Mohs scale) and micro hardness (circa 3500 kG/mm2). Its specific gravity (density) of hexagonal type, which is affected by the degree of impurity, comes to 3,15+/-0,05 g/cm3. Bulk density equals 1,30 - 1,58g/cm3. Good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion (decreasing with temperature growth) and high strength are another characteristics that ensure a wide use of the material. Electrically it is a semiconductor.
• production of abrasive tools designed for the finishing of the materials that have low resistance to extension, i.e. to the finishing of cast iron,
• aluminum, bronze, zinc, and also for tough and friable materials such as sintered carbide and glass,
• production of abrasive papers and cloths,
• in loose-grain machining, e.g. in gravestone letterer's craft,
• production of incombustible materials, heating elements in
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