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Manufacturer Of 5 Cubic Meters Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generator

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Price: USD 888 / set
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hydrogen plant
alkaline water electrolysis
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Product information
ZXD Split-Type hydrogen generation plant
Zxd water electrolysis hydrogen production system is a popular equipment in our institute.
The hydrogen production capacity of single equipment is up to 20Nm3/h-1500Nm3/h, and hydrogen production’s layout is achieved by station.
P/N ZXD-150
Hydrogen Production(m3/h) 150
Oxygen Production(m3/h) 75
Hydrogen Purity(V/V) ≥99.99%
Oxygen Purity(V/V) ≥92.5%
Operating load 50%-100%
Working Pressure(MPa) 1.5~2.0
Hydrogen Moisture Content(g/m3) ≤4
Hydrogen Alkalinity(mg/m3) ≤1
Working Temperature(℃) 85±5
Cooling water flow(m3/h) 25
DC power consumption(kW·h/m3H2) ≤4.3
External dimension of electrolyzer L×W×H (mm) 3350x1650x1860
Electrolyzer Weight(kg) 17800
Alkali concentration 30% KOH
Circulation quantity of alkali liquor(m3/h) 8.5~12
Koh consumption (normal operation)(kg/unit) 1270

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Sales manager:miya zheng
Email: sales@zxdh2.com Whatsapp: 86-18020776792
Skype: miyazheng520 Mobile: 86-18020776792

Why we are here
Green hydrogen is a promising key to accelerating the energy and environmental transition towards carbon neutrality. We have the opportunity to act now in the race against climate change by reaching industrial scale to make a difference.

Who we are
specialised in the design and assembly of electrolysers for producing green hydrogen. We leverage our innovative spirit and cutting-edged technological know-how to serve the industry and energy markets in China and around the world.

How we do it
We move forward together with our customers, combining technological expertise and personalised support. We focus on sharing, innovating, improving and taking initiative togeth

What we do
We drive change in energy use, as hydrogen offers a way to decarbonise all segments of the economy and facilitate the integration of renewables in the energy system.

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