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Professional Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Equipment Supplier

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Price: USD 888 / set
Min. Order: 1 set
hydrogen water electrolyser
hydrogen water electrolyser
water electrolysis electrode
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Sales Manager: Miya Zheng
Email: sales@zxdh2.com
Moblie: 86-18020776792
Whatsapp: 86-18020776792
Skype: miyazheng520

Tech Specification
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support
After-sales Service Provided:Free spare parts
After-sales Service Provided:Online support
Applicable Industries:laboratory applicationElectrolyzer of 40 m³ water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment
Production Rate:99.999% purity
Voltage:100-120V or 200-240V
Certification:CE/ ISO9001
Place of Origin:CN

Product Information
Hydrogen Production(m3/h) 65
Oxygen Production(m3/h) 30
Hydrogen Purity(V/V) ≥99.99%
Oxygen Purity(V/V) ≥92.5%
Operating load 50%-100%
Working Pressure(MPa) 1.5~2.0
Hydrogen Moisture Content(g/m3) ≤4
Hydrogen Alkalinity(mg/m3) ≤1
Working Temperature(℃) 85±5
Cooling water flow(m3/h) 9
DC power consumption(kW·h/m3H2) ≤4.3
External dimension of electrolyzer L×W×H (mm) 2170x1450x1580
Electrolyzer Weight(kg) 7600
Alkali concentration 30% KOH
Circulation quantity of alkali liquor(m3/h) 3.35~4.0
Koh consumption (normal operation)(kg/unit) 520

Company Profile
Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. has been specializing in the design, research and development,manufacturing and sales of water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment,hydrogen storage equipment and hydrogen purification device for various industries.

Zhongxinda's goal is to be a “standard” in this area.
The company's products are used in hydrogen refueling stations, new energy, chemical, non-ferrous metals, electric power, steel, aviation and other industries, and are sold globally, such as the United States,South Korea, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa ,Taiwan and many other countries and regions.

Our main products

Water electrolysis hydrogen energy equipment / storage tank / hydrogen purification

Professional water electrolysis hydrogen equipment supplier

Energy reserve hydrogenation station

Hydrogen generator for alkaline water electrolysis

Auxiliary gas for semiconductor industry of hydrogen production from water

Hydrogen production unit of high speed turbine generator

Hydrogen generator / alkaline electrolyzer

Hydrogen generator / electrolyzer

Industrial hydrogen generator / oxygen hydrogen generator

Price of hydroelectricity / oxygen generator

Oxygen plant / hydrogen generator Kit

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