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Audio Silicone Rubber Dust Cover

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Brand: ORUI
Price: USD 0.2 / pieces
Min. Order: 10000 pieces
Audio silicone rubber dust cover
rubber dust cover
silicone rubber
Speakers are devices that convert audio signals to sound. Popular speaking refers to the main speaker box or subwoofer box body comes with a power amplifier, the audio signal amplification process by the speaker to play back the sound itself, making it louder.

The speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system, its role is to convert audio power to the corresponding sound energy, and radiate it into space. It is an extremely important part of the sound system and is charged with the task of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals for direct listening to the human ear.

Silicone dust cover is the part of the speaker, it makes sure speaker stop away from dust. Orui produced precision silicone parts which used in speaker. for this parts, quality are especially important to the whole speaker, absolutely we are very confident about that.

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