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Solar Water Heater Silicone Rubber Seals

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Brand: ORUI
Price: USD 0.6 / pieces
Min. Order: 10000 pieces
silicone rubber seals
rubber seals
Solar water heater silicone rubber seals
Solar water heater is a device transfering the solar energy into heat energy, making the water from low temperature to high temperature to meet the people's water using in the life. Solar water heaters, according to the structure is divided into vacuum tube solar water heaters and flat-panel solar water heaters, mainly vacuum tube solar water heaters, accounting for 95% of domestic market share. Vacuum tube household solar water heater is made of collection of heat pipes, storage tanks, scaffolding and other related components, the solar energy into heat mainly rely on the vacuum tube, vacuum tube using hot water floating cold sinking principle, the water microcirculation and Get the required hot water.

Silicone rubber seals is a part of solar water heater, Orui produced precision silicone parts which used in solar water heater, the seals could stop leaking from heater storage. for this parts, quality are especially important to the whole heater, absolutely we are very confident about that.

Choose Shenzhen Orui Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd means choose high quality high precision silicone rubber parts.
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