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Pu Woodworking Ventilation Hose

PU Common Applications: Ideally used as suction and transport hose for abrasive materials...
flexible hose, transparent hose , pu hose

Laser Scribing Machine-Cell

Laser wave length: 1.064μm Scriber precision: ≦±10μm Max scriber thickness: 1.2mm Scriber line...
Laser scribing machine-cell, Laser Dicing

Solar Cell Tester And Sorter

GSCT-BSolar Cell Tester ande sorter was recently updated by our company on the basis of GSCT-B...
Cell Tester, Solar FrameMachine , Solar Cell Tester and sorter

Automatic Laminating Machines

The digital oil-heating laminator DY-Q-10-1 series is the high-tech fully automatic lamination...
Automatic laminating machines, Solar laminator

Semi-Automatic Laminating Machine

1.Control temperature:normal temperature~200℃ 2.Temperature control of pure:±1℃ 3.Temperature...
Semi-automatic laminating machine, Solar laminator

Axial Fan

The axial flow fan is not only beautiful appearance, and high efficiency. Fan blades, the rotor...
axial fan, fan

Circular Pipe Fan

Usage: 1.the machinery and equipment with ventilation, refrigeration and exhaust 2 buildings,...
Circular pipe fan, duct fan

Mechanical Filter

The steel lines with rubber the equipment is in the ordinary steel products surface after...
Mechanical filter, Manganese ore filter , Filter

Wuhan Vacuum Drying Oven, Linpin Houst Dedication

Vacuum drying principle and effect (it), Vacuum drying oven for drying decompounded and oxidation...
Vacuum drying oven, Vacuum drying oven , Environmental test equipment

Hair Straightening Products

hair straighteners,hair straightening products,hair straighteners that don't damage hair,hair...
hair straightening

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet And Dry Ms Series

Description and Application: This series is compact in design, portable, durable and...
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, wet vacuum , dry vacuum

Color Laser Marker

Characteristics: 1) high reliability 2), marking the high-quality 3) a longer life...
Color laser marker, laser marker , marker

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing Also known as rhombic wire mesh or diamond wire mesh. The varieties of...
chain link fence, barbed wire , angle protecting