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AMIKON LIMITED has a large selection of industrial electronic components including new and discontinued. These range from thirty years to the latest technology. Investing in new technology is not always necessary.
We are happy to help you keep your old equipment in good shape. Are you or your customers experiencing serious electronic equipment failures in your business?
Is the machine turned off and production stopped? Therefore, a quick solution is in your best interest! Sometimes it can be difficult to find the parts you need.
Our large inventory usually allows us to help you, so your production can be restarted immediately!
In the field of industrial automation, new technologies are rapidly introduced. Parts quickly become obsolete and scarce. Many times, the original manufacturer can't even help.
The result: the decline in availability of the prior art and the professional services they need. This has led to investment in new electronics and changes to the entire production line.
This is no longer needed, AMIKON LIMITED is here to serve you! We not only provide new spare parts but also electronic parts that are discontinued.
You can focus on your business while ensuring that your electronics and systems continue to operate sustainably.
Company Profile
Country/Territory: China (Mainland) 
Company Address: Guomao building,Hubin South Road,Siming District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province,China 361009 
Products/Services We Offer: PLC,DCS 
Industry Focus: Electrical & Electronics, Electronic Instrument, Related Products. 
Business Type: Trading Company 
No. of Employees: 50 - 100 People 
Year Established:  
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