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Beijing Jiujiu Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing City of China, which, with dry weather, appropriate temperature and convenient transportation, is an ideal place for the production of permanent magnet of neodymium-iron-boron.

Beijing Jiujiu Magnetic Material Co., Ltd. has a history of magnetic material production for 20 years. From 1989, it started to engage in the research and production of permanent magnetic materials of Neodymium-Iron-Boron. This company boasts a group highly qualified technical and managerial cadres and experienced workers, and over 20 years of experience in the production of iron-oxidized magnetic materials and over 10 years experience in that of neodymium-iron-boron. Meanwhile, it has a set of strict management system and effective quality management system. Now the factory building is 6,000 square meters with over 240 employees (and over 45% are university or college graduates). With the implementation of the national "Double Improvement" projects, the company owns first grade production equipment at home and world class testing equipment. The annual production capability reaches 500 tons and the annual slice capability to 60 million square centimeters. Its processing ability is perfect and complete with drilling, slice, plane grinding, OD grinding, center and centerless grinding, EDM cutting and so on and it also can provide various surface treatments such as Zinc plating, Nickel plating, epoxy coating and so on. The company enjoys advantages in the production and processing of large specification magnets for separators, magnetic resonance and so on or high Hc and low temperature coefficient magnets for motors and generators.

Jiujiu Company stresses the research and development of new products. In recent 3 years, it has succeeded in production experiments of high performance magnet every year and has put into stable mass production. Now high performance products such as N50, 48H, 44SH, 38UH and so on have been put into formal production as well. Meanwhile it pays special attention to the development of the direct forming of parallelogram, echelon, sector, tile shapes and other unique shapes. Now over 30 products of complicated shapes are formed directly.

Zero quality flaws and zero service complaint is our quality objective. Quality management and quality control is the important part of the management of the company. Jiujiu Company passed the ISO9002-1994 certification in Nov. 1998 and in Nov. 2001 it passed the reinsertion with ISO9001-2000 version. The certification further clarifies the quality responsibilities, subdivides the process of quality management and perfects the method of quality management, which pushes the quality management into a perfect and legal pace.
Company Profile
Company Name: Beijing Jiujiu Magnet Material CO., LTD. 
Country/Territory: China (Mainland) 
Company Address: No.18,XiSanQu,Tian Tong Yuan,Chang Ping District 102218 
Products/Services We Offer: magnet 
Industry Focus: Model Material. 
Business Type: Manufacturer 
No. of Employees: 100 - 500 People 
Year Established: 1989 
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